Real-time Progress Monitoring

For Enterprise Construction Ventures

“Enterprise construction projects are currently impossible to monitor in real-time without an army of people to maintain accurate data”
Dan Bourne, Minotro Ltd

The methodology forming the basis of Minotro is the brainchild of Dan Bourne. Dan’s 25+ years experience led to the practice of tracking project progress by definable, weighted worksteps. At the time nothing existed, so he created spreadsheets to do the job, which although worked fine, much of the efficiency they introduced was lost due to the time they took in preparation ,the very same time-lag that challenges up-to-the-minute progress monitoring today.

So Dan teamed up with award-winning technology entrepreneur Paul Smith to develop a real-time equivalent. The result is Minotro, a groundbreaking methodology with outstanding commercial benefits.

Minotro deals with the real questions that decision makers in enterprise construction ventures need to know.

Minotro Explained

Minotro uses cutting edge, extensible machine learning that can handle data incredibly efficiently and accurately, making millions of calculations and adjustments in real-time without affecting speed or usability. Every installation of Minotro can be customised to suit individual needs. The technology is patented and is protected under international intellectual property law.
How does it work?

It starts with a data import. Schedule data is exported from industry standard scheduling software e.g. Oracle Primavera P6 and imported into Minotro. From here the schedule data is configured to exactly to replicate the ‘as planned’ event calendar. What makes Minotro different is the way it deals with ‘as built’ progress. Minotro gives registered users a live interface via their device e.g. desktop, laptop, iPad etc. through which progress updates can be recorded in real-time, irrespective of the size of the venture. All registered users can see progress changes as they happen live in the field. From here, any multi-discipline report can be created and customised in seconds and circulated to all concerned.

Because progress data is updated in real-time, decision makers can immediately choose what needs to be done next to avoid delay, risk and subsequent overheads. This unique ability to immediately pinpoint financial risk is a key feature and an offers an immediate ROI to Minotro’s clients.