Sustainability in Big Construction
16 April 2020

Unlimited Scalability

Get ready for a revolution the lean project control of enterprise construction. It’s a new and groundbreaking technology-rich consultancy from MINOTRO that simplifies a complex world.

MINOTRO is an award-winning technology developer for leaders of enterprise construction looking for real-time risk detection in big construction projects.

Unlike other construction solution providers MINOTRO provides a simple, cost effective way of delivering up-to-the-minute customised progress reports in seconds, with accurate data that all stakeholders can trust.

It works with your schedule to tell you how much progress you have made right now, and identifies risks that may impact the schedule, impede progress, and cost you money.

MINOTRO is the missing link in project management and scheduling solutions; an AI-based, elegant, progress-reporting solution that works to any scale of project, in any discipline, and it answers the real questions.

Minotro Addresses a Long-term Construction Issue

In big construction it’s impossible to track progress in real-time without an army of people to maintain accurate data. In addition, the job of compiling multiple-format progress data into meaningful reports is time consuming. Delays of up to a week using traditional monitoring methods are not uncommon.

If you could get a live, up-to-the-minute progress snapshot across all disciplines you could reduce this reporting delay down to seconds and react immediately to any potential schedule impact.

The Elegant Solution to a Complex World

MINOTRO offers you an elegant solution. It’s being deployed around the globe in oil & gas, mining, urban development and utilities and returns immediate commercial rewards to its clients. It’s an innovative, consultancy-empowered technology for leaders of enterprise construction looking to minimize the risk of a schedule impact.

MINOTRO scales to unprecedented levels without loss of functionality, giving Primavera P6 users the benefit of live progress tracking and real-time risk detection, previously unobtainable at the enterprise level. Now you can work lean, within your existing comfort zone and avoid unplanned delay, expense and material waste.

You don't need to be a project management professional to use or understand the reports in MINOTRO. The technology allows non-specialist analysts to record progress data from the field on their mobile device and produce custom reports by any class and/or discipline for you to review and deal with any exposed risk. Then you can repeat the process for as many iterations as you wish, with no delay and no time lag between reports.

Unlike most solutions, MINOTRO is designed to be infinitely flexible, so that it can answer all of your questions, and suit every project - large or small. And, you can do this with a lean crew not a big ticket army.

Is It For Me?

As a leader of big construction, MINOTRO offers you the opportunity to work lean and leave complexity and delay to the competition.

MINOTRO brings LEAN PROJECT CONTROL to the construction industry. It gives you the up-to-date information you need for immediate risk detection in very-large-scale construction. Add to this, a technology that gives you an instant ROI from day one and you'll discover why MINOTRO is the new business management tool for leaders of enterprise construction.

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Leonard Greenwood & Associates - Jan 2020