Progress Monitoring in Very-large-scale Construction Ventures

A fresh approach to an old problem

The early detection of actual or potential impacts in very-large-scale construction ventures is a prerequisite to fend off commercial risk and unplanned expense. Knowing how far you've got and what you need to do next are the 'must have' requirements for leaders in enterprise construction.

So, what if, instead of hanging around for multiple-format progress updates to arrive from multiple sources, you could monitor and update progress in real-time from your hand-held device? And what if, instead of waiting for the management team to dissect and compile these reports, which can (and often does) take days, you could create and compile customized reports with complete flexibility on the spot, then circulate to the decision makers in seconds?

And what if, you could do this with only one project controller, not one for every discipline? That's right - one project controller......

Introducing Minotro

This article serves to introduce a new and revolutionary methodology for monitoring and reporting progress in very-large-scale construction ventures. It’s called Minotro and it does all of the above. If you had to sum up Minotro in a single sentence, ‘Minotro is a proactive, forward thinking, progress monitoring and risk analysis technology for high-end construction leaders wishing to improve the availability and quality of 'as built' progress data in very-large-scale construction ventures’.

On the face of it, this brief eulogy doesn’t immediately scream cutting edge, compared to the ‘giant leaps’ in technology adopted by other large-scale industries over previous decades, but there’s a good reason for this, as this article aims toaddress. For those involved in enterprise construction progress monitoring however, Minotro represents ‘one giant step’ in the way enterprise construction ventures are managed.

This article also highlights the limitations that current practices in progress monitoring impose on the auditor; why there is a systemic delay in delivering ‘as built’ data to decision makers and why the introduction of this time-lag between initial ‘as planned’ build estimations and final ‘as built’ actual progress creates unnecessary risk and unplanned expense.

In short, and contrary to current practices, Minotro removes the labour-intensive task of progress monitoring, which usually requires an army of analysts, and replaces it with cloud-based, real-time progress monitoring and recording gathered from live field data.


The Minotro methodology is the result of the combined career experiences of two seasoned industry specialists: Dan Bourne, 25+ years in oil & gas construction project management, and Paul Smith, 20+ years as an award-winning technology entrepreneur. Together Dan and Paul have created a unique environment that is worth its weight in gold to construction leaders involved in enterprise construction; it saves thousands of wasted man hours, tons of wasted materials and millions in wasted cash thrown away on unexpected schedule impacts.

Proven Technology

Although a recent innovation, Minotro has completed twelve months of live trials in the American and Canadian oil & gas industry with impressive results from over thirty ongoing ventures. Minotro was able to demonstrate an immediate, tangible return on investment for each client, along with a dramatic reduction in unplanned overheads. There are further, exciting technology developments planned for 2019 along with some big names on the client ledger waiting to go live, so watch this space.